All listed services are provided by Psychic Medium Nikki Steward. 
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Oracle Card Reading

In Person or Virtual 

Oracle Card Readings provide inspiration, empowerment and guidance.  Each card reading is tailored to you and can be specific to a particular area of your life or just an overall outlook. 

 30 Minutes – $80           


Email Readings

You may chose to have a reading done via email. Email readings include answers to 3 or 5 questions. Payment must be made in full prior to email readings being completed. Please email to purchase your reading .

3 Question Email Reading – $50

5 Question Email Reading – $85

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Mediumship Session

During a Mediumship session I will bring lovingly guided messages from your passed loved ones. Mediumship Sessions can be done individually or in a group.  Please feel free to bring items such as photographs or family heirlooms to your session.

*It is important to know that there is no guarantee that a connection will be made.

One person Mediumship Session Fee: $150/session 

(Sessions last up to 60 Minutes)

Small Group Mediumship Session Fee: $255/session (Up to 3 people, additional attendees are $65 per person)

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Group Mediumship Gallery

Have an InSightful group reading with your closest friends/family!  Mediumship Galleries are offered in home or for public/private events. Maximum Gallery attendees will vary based on venue. For larger private/public events & fundraisers please email for more information.  


To host a group gallery, the cost is  $600 for up to 8 attendees (you are welcome to have less than 8 people, however the minimum remains the same).  For more than 8 attendees there will be an additional $75 per person charge.

**A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a date for your  Mediumship Gallery.


Past Life Reading

Have you ever wondered what lifetimes you have lived before? Do you have strange phobias that you can't explain? A strong connection to someone you just met and feel like you've known forever? 

A Past Life “InSight” Reading can provide information into the lives you lived before.  It is believed that we carry trauma from our past lives to our current life, knowing some of these past life traumas can often times help heal some of our current life dilemas.

30 Minutes- $85   Email- $75



 Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing practice that can be learned by anyone. Reiki is an excellent tool in reducing stress, promoting balance, centering & relaxation.  Each session is indivdualized for the client to gain maximum effect for better health and wellness.

50 minutes- $70          80 minutes- $105

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Chakra Balancing Sessions


Chakra balancing sessions use a combination of natural healing crystals and reiki to help balance chakras for overall wellness.

50 minutes- $135

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Crystal Healing Session

Crystal Therapy sessions use a combination of natural healing crystals and reiki.   These sessions are great to target problem areas or just overall well being.

60 minutes- $135