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About Us

Psychic Medium Nikki Steward & Toni Gushue

We are Nikki Steward and Toni Gushue of Within Spirit LLC, a Crystal, Metaphysical and Wellness business born during the Pandemic that has been almost 20 years in the Making! 

Our story is a tad unusual compared to many others, but we ask that you read on with an open heart and open mind. The story starts with Me (Nikk): I began having premonitions and contact with spirits as a child and in 2003, at the age of 23, I became a paranormal investigator and utilized my experiences in that field to begin my journey of fully understanding and accepting my intuitive gifts.  During this time, I fell in love with using crystals to complement my abilities as well as to help enhance my reiki healing sessions. This began the lifelong dream of creating a space where others, who may not understand their intuitive ability, or their empathic feelings could find some answers and guidance. I began teaching workshops on intuition development and have been doing so for the past 16 years.  I have spent the past 20 years doing readings at public locations, peoples’ homes or in space I have rented from other business owners. I have taught classes on not only intuition development, I have also taught reiki classes, past life workshops, oracle card reading and many other topics. Fast forward to 2014 when I met Toni.  Toni had always had an interest in psychics and the paranormal but never explored things beyond having a few card readings and reading books on the subject matter.  Toni became very drawn to crystals and their uses after joining the paranormal research group I was involved in at the time.  It became very clear that her love for crystals was more than a passing fad.  While Toni doesn’t have the same amount of time of experience regarding the metaphysical, she brings a great deal of business experience and knowledge to this endeavor.  She has four degrees, including a Masters degree in Business Management.  She was a corporate retail manager many years ago, running a very high volume store, has managed multiple doctors office, worked in the public sector and has been instrumental in founding 2 separate Non-Profit Organizations. 


In April 2020, we were sitting together watching an Instagram Live crystal sale and buying beautiful pieces.  Then Toni blurted out “we know so much about crystals, why aren’t WE doing this?”  And so, Within Spirit LLC was officially born. We began having live crystal sales once a week while working working full time jobs and running 2 Non-Profit Organizations.  A few months in, we decided that it was time to take things to the next level and started to put plans into place to open a brick and mortar crystal and metaphysical shop, which brings us to where we are today!

We are not just a “store” or “boutique” Our mission is to help our clients Inspire their Spirit.  We strive to provide tools, services, workshops and most importantly, a community for each person that chooses to shop at Within Spirit.  Within Spirit offers products and services that uplift the mind, body and soul.  Products that we offer  include: crystals, jewelry, apothecary items (loose herbs, essential oils), oracle and tarot cards, smudge supplies, candles and more.  Our services include various types of readings (psychic, tarot, oracle card, past life, aura), Reiki energy sessions, sound healing etc.  Workshops will also be an integral part of our business, including sound meditations, law of attraction and Exploring your Intuition.

We invite you to our store community and hope that we can help provide the tools to Inspire Your Spirit!

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